Gateway to the Northern Emirates

A major gateway into the northern emirates to support and promote the growth of tourism as well as other major industries in the region


Location Map distance to airport
  • 10 minsRAK City Centre
  • 15 mins Hotels and Beaches
  • 45 mins Dubai City
  • Free Parking at Airport
G9-84101:02:00MUSCATDeparted At 01:20:00
G9-89605:03:00DHAKADeparted At 05:10:00
G9-82005:13:00LAHOREDeparted At 05:25:00
G9-87012:55:00JEDDAHDeparted At 12:42:00
G9-83220:20:00CAIROCheck In

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G9-84204:05:00MUSCATArrived At 04:03:00
G9-82111:39:00LAHOREArrived At 11:41:00
G9-87119:20:00JEDDAHOn Time
G9-89223:45:00CHITTAGONGOn Time

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