Ras Al Khaimah International Airport

Maintenance Facilities

Maintenance Facilities

Corporate Aviation

RAK Airport has over 1 million sqm of land adjacent to our aeronautical infrastructure which is perfect for the development of maintenance facilities for aircraft of any size. RAK Airport can provide a host of options to facilitate MRO or similar ventures.

From the smallest to the largest - RAK Airport has options to handle any aircraft of any size.

For all above information about options for maintenance facilities please contact us.

Marketing Department

BCT Aviation Maintenance

BCT Aviation Maintenance

BCT Aviation Maintenance Ltd is an EASA approved Part 145 MRO serving Airlines, Tour Operators and private aircraft owners globally.  BCT Aviation Maintenance carries over 20 years of high quality, aircraft maintenance experience and has its headquarters established in the UK

Our UAE/Eastern operations include DWC, SHJ, RKT and KTM along with more than ten other line stations located globally.  BCT Aviation Maintenance holds over 10 approvals from various countries including the UAE, Qatar, Bermuda, Aruba, Nigeria, Canada, Azerbaijan and many more (available on request).

Our aircraft capability list is also extensive and satisfies all Airbus and Boeing models.

For further information and assistance regarding your operations at any one of our locations, please contact: