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RKT1022024Runway and Taxiway Sub Grade testing1. Heavy weight deflectometer test (HWD) on flexible Pavement 2. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) test. 3. Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) test 4. Concrete apron core cutting test. • Indirect tensile strength • Load transform efficiency testRunway and Taxiway pavement testing needs to be carried out to perform and support ACR/PCR Testing.Civil22-Jul-2024 Apply
RKT1012024Supply & Installation – Dual View Xray Screening machine – Departure Terminal Security checkpoint1. Supply & Installation of Dual View X-ray Screening Machine for Cabin Baggage - 2units a. Dual view capability b. Approvals – TSA ACSTL Qualified Technology, ECAC EDS CB C1, EU LEDS Type C c. Automated Solid and Liquid Explosives detection capability d. Dimensions: i. Min. Tunnel: 620 (W) x 420 (H) mm ii. Max. Object size: 615 (W) x 410 (H) mm e. Min. Conveyor height: 800 mm f. Required Conveyor load: 160 kg g. Conveyor speed: 0.2 - 0.24 m/s h. Wire detectability Resolution: 41 AWG i. Steel Penetration: 37 mm j. Quality Control Tests i. Test 4a: 0.05mm 4b: 34 mm ii. Test 3: 1.0 mm horizontal and vertical iii. Test 1 typical: 40 AWG k. Local Power supply: 230 Vac, single phase, 50 Hz l. Network ready: Shall allow for integration with networks for system management, centralized image archiving, image distribution and TIP (Threat Image Projection) functionalities. m. Local memory – Continuous Image storage system n. Input and Output Roller beds 1.0 meter each. o. Calibration Test Piece(s) p. ECAC Standard Test piece q. Screening Trays 2. Supply & Installation of Walk-Through Metal Detectors - 3units a. Panel type b. 4 display bars – programmable as zone indicators c. Multizone Detector and display for threat localization d. Capability to detect Ferrous and non-Ferrous objects e. Capability to detect metallic objects concealed in body cavity f. Selectable Security levels g. Selectable tone and intensity h. Display of metering signals corresponding to mass of threat i. Immune to external interferences and electrical noise 3. Provision of a. Factory Test & Quality Checks reports b. Site installation reports c. Site acceptance Tests d. On-site Operator Training sessions – 2 (English & Arabic) e. Training certificates f. Technical manuals g. Regional technical support 4. Proposal submittal a. Technical and Commercial proposals shall be submitted separately. b. Technical proposal is to be uploaded in the E-Tender portal. c. Commercial proposal is to be sealed and delivered to CEO office by hand or courier.Dual View Xray Screening Machine- Departure Terminal Security Check Point for Screening of Cabin BaggageElectronics30-Aug-2024 Apply
RKT962024New airside staff/vehicle access Gate 4 construction• Contractor to do detail design development in line with UAE specifications of all Civil, electrical, IT, firefighting (fire detection system) etc. • Detail construction drawings preparation and submittal for client approval prior to execute the work. • Detail site surveying, geo technical survey, soil testing etc. • All internal authorities and external authority approval if applicable. • Ensure the new system integrates smoothly with existing CCTV infrastructure and is scalable for future expansion. • All IT feedings shall be integrated with our main server/Data centre area/ police control room etc. Location departure terminal 1st floor. • Parking space for bus and police with shade (5nos). • Road works (asphalt) include subbase, sub grade and two layers of asphalt (PMB). • Building construction (only ground floor) RCC slab with water proofing. • All electrical works includes lighting, power sockets, cable laying from substation, DP installation etc. • All IT related works such as license recognition camera to record vehicle, CCTV etc includes supply and installation of all items cable laying etc. • Furniture requirement will be shared with contractor during design development stage contractor need to propose through construction drawings. • Internal and external painting includes, colour code will be confirmed by referring sample. • Wall and sliding gate signages also its painting. • Sliding gates (2nos) with fence wire and top of spiral coil as per security requirements. • Electrical bollards both entry and exit road. • Independent steel structure shed to cover the processing area both building and roads. (Please submit optional in commercial proposal).• Design and Built of New airside security gate to do the screening/security check at entry and exit for staff and vehicles. This project is to conduct detail screening process while entering and exiting landside/airside. Basic tender drawing for general information attached. However, contractor to do the detail design development prior to begin construction. • Proposals: Divided into technical and commercial proposals. Technical proposal should submit to procurement department and commercial proposal should submit to CEO's office in a sealed envelope after site visit. Proposal date will announce later. • Deadlines: Expression of Interest by April 22, 2024. Site survey will be scheduled in May 29th2024. No late submissions considered. • Contact: Inquiries to Apply