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Location Map distance to airport
  • 10 minsRAK City Centre
  • 15 mins Hotels and Beaches
  • 45 mins Dubai City
  • Free Parking at Airport
G9-87208:35:00DHAKADeparted At 08:35:00
PA-26113:30:00ISLAMABADCheck In
DBI-71415:00:00ABU DHABIOn Time
G9-85220:10:00LAHOREOn Time

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G9-84304:10:00CAIROArrived At 04:10:00
DBI-71107:50:00ABU DHABIArrived At 07:50:00
PA-26012:20:00ISLAMABADOn Time
G9-87319:40:00DHAKAOn Time

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