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Location Map distance to airport
  • 10 minsRAK City Centre
  • 15 mins Hotels and Beaches
  • 45 mins Dubai City
  • Free Parking at Airport
ER-371601:55:00ISLAMABADDeparted At 01:40:00
SG-75304:20:00DELHIDeparted At 04:28:00
G9-86805:00:00ISLAMABADDeparted At 04:44:00
IX-33207:30:00CALICUTDeparted At 06:59:00
G9-86412:40:00PESHAWARCheck In
SG-904316:35:00SURATOn Time
G9-84220:10:00CAIROOn Time

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ER-370500:55:00ISLAMABADArrived At 00:55:00
SG-903003:10:00DELHIArrived At 03:40:00
IX-33106:30:00CALICUTArrived At 06:07:00
6E-863708:10:00MUMBAIOn Time
6E-864209:10:00MUMBAIOn Time
6E-827809:10:00MUMBAIArrived At 09:10:00
G9-86911:50:00ISLAMABADOn Time
SG-904215:35:00MUMBAIOn Time
6E-850617:45:00DELHIOn Time
G9-86519:15:00PESHAWAROn Time
6E-827521:00:00DELHIOn Time

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